Osteopathy for babies and children in Macclesfield & Knutsford. Safe, effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

Babies and children respond extremely well to Osteopathic treatment for a wide range of problems. Michelle uses both structural and cranial osteopathy to treat children.

How can Osteopathy help children?

Babies and children, as well as adults, might suffer from musculo-skeletal problems that can respond well to osteopathic treatment. In babies, a difficult or long drawn out birth may cause restrictions and tensions within tissues that lead to a degree of discomfort which may manifest, for example, as unsettled behaviour. In older children, problems might arise though excessive computer use, hunching over a laptop, or through carrying heavy bags to and from school.

How are children treated?

“Paediatric Osteopathy” refers to the treatment of children. A number of types of osteopathic techniques are suitable in the treatment of children and babies. These might range from extremely gentle techniques to address a problem in baby’s neck, for example, to a more different approach in the case of an older child suffering from
a sports injury. Only those techniques appropriate at the time will be applied and each treatment plan will be discussed in advance.

Many people believe that babies and children are too young and pliable to suffer from and structural stresses and strains, but in reality they do. If there are difficulties and complications with the birth, this can put immense strain on certain structures within the baby’s body.

The effects on mum of carrying a child can result in back pain, postural changes which can lead to discomfort and other possible long-term effects. Michelle offers osteopathy for mum’s-to-be.