Macclesfield & Knutsford Osteopathic Sports Injuries Clinic

Osteopathy and Sports Injuries

Osteopathy is increasingly playing an important role in the medical teams for many sports clubs and associations. Not only this, but more and more sports people are consulting Osteopaths to aid performance, help with injury prevention and as part of rehabilitation after suffering an injury. An Osteopath will use a wide range of techniques in the treatment of injuries, which provides the osteopath with the ability to help treat many varied conditions, from back pain to tendonitis and knee ligament injuries to “golfer’s elbow”.

How can Osteopathy help?

Osteopathy can help many problems suffered by both amateur and professional sports people. Examples of these include:

    • Back pain
    • Tendonitis
    • Muscle strain
    • Ligament injury
    • Knee complaints (e.g. reduced mobility)
    • Ankle & foot injuries
    • Shoulder and elbow injuries
    • Wrist injuries (common complaint from tennis players)
    • General reduction in flexibility and movement
    • Golfer’s and tennis elbow

Rehabilitation process

Rehabilitation continues with the possible use of strapping and the prescription of stretching and resistance exercises, according to the nature of the injury. Part of the overall management includes relaxation techniques, and advice on contrast bathing (hot and cold), nutrition, and the motivation to regain full fitness. Communication with a coach or team manager is encouraged throughout the recovery period.

I fell on my coccyx in mid February and was in absolute agony, unable to sit, walk, lie down or do anything properly. Having visited the doctors and leaving with instructions to take paracetamol, codeine and anti-inflammatories, which didn’t seem to be helping I decided to seek my own help.
Being an active person, I was very concerned about my restriction of movement and worried that I wouldn’t be able to return to my weekly dance classes. Michelle conducted a very thorough consultation and explained to me in detail what she found, how she could treat me and was very honest about the potential outcomes.
I am now enjoying yoga and am sure that I will be returning to dance imminently thanks to the treatments Michelle has carried out, which gave me almost instant relief. Not only working on the spine as you would expect, she also found that my diaphragm was sticking which was strange as I occasionally had a twinge in the exact place she released it – especially after driving long distances – but hadn’t mentioned this to her!
I will certainly be returning to Michelle regularly for maintenance visits to keep my body working as it should and I would recommend Michelle without hesitation
C. Barnett, Macclesfield